» Experience how a measurably and steady breathing can turn your yoga practice into a very special experience. The experience of the perfect union of breath and movement is beautiful and will transform you and your yoga practice.«

Would you like to experience what it feels like when your breathing unites in perfect harmony with your movements?

Then you are exactly right here!

The music specially composed for practice, the so-called yoga tala, will help you to carry out your practice with 100% even breathing!

The Indian guru Shri K. Patthabi Jois said: »If we are able to control breathing, we will also be able to influence our minds. The Yogatalas guide your breathing throughout your practice and enable you to experience meditative states! Experience yoga in a different dimension and try Tala Yoga for free in our OMLine Studio the same!

If you already have established a yoga practice, you have the opportunity to acquire the yoga tala for your own practice. Deepen your experiences and dive into the meditative effect of combining breath, music and movement! Click here for the yogatala.


With Tala Yoga, Esh Loh supports the natural rhythm of the body and the breath. His music, the yogatalas, combine so perfectly with the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling and carry me through the practice. Practicing is thereby significantly deepened and it is very worthwhile to indulge in this breathing rhythm! Definitely recommendable.

- Anna Trökes 

When Esh Loh starts playing the piano, a direct channel to the divine appears to open.

- Dr. Ronald Steiner

His background as a musician creates a very special atmosphere in which it is fun to learn and try new things. Esh Loh is without a doubt one of the most competent yoga teachers in Germany. 

- Marcell Laudahn 

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