Would you like to deal intensively with the physical, physical, philosophical and spiritual level of your being? And that in a place that supports you with its beautiful location to slow down, relax and get to yourself? Then dive into the world of Tala Yoga and music from December 27th, 2020 - January 3rd, 2020. Experience seven days with dynamic tala yoga practice, meditation, pranayama, life-like philosophy, relaxed yoga piano practice and tala drumming, a completely new drum concept, which leads you through intuitive drumming into the mindfulness of the moment.

The retreat is accompanied by one of the best vegan cooks in Europe. Yuki Jung: is a chef living in Lisbon and a certified nutritionist. Well-being and enjoyment are the focus of her creations. Her vision is to inspire people to a healthy, plant-based lifestyle with her culinary art and her colorful and delicious menus are legendary. Click here to learn more about Yuki.

Surrounded by pure nature, we enjoy the soothing silence of the retreat house in the Göhrde.

Yoga retreat program


8 -11am: Meditation, Tala Yoga practice & deep relaxation

11 - 12 pm: brunch

3 - 6 pm: Yoga philosophy, tala drumming and yoga piano


Arrival on Sunday, December 27th, between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Departure Sunday 03.01.2021 after the brunch between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.


EUR 990, - per person in a double room with double occupancy

EUR 1,190 per person in a single room (excl. Arrival, pick-up shuttle to Göhrde train station is included on arrival and departure day)


  • EUR 990,- pro Person im Doppelzimmer bei 2-er Belegung                

  • EUR 1.190,- pro Person im Einzelzimmer       (exkl. Anreise, Abholshuttle zum Bahnhof Göhrde ist am Anreise & Abreisetag incl.)

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